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Naoya Ohta

Thank you for visiting my page. I am a researcher of computer vision. I worked for some electronics company for several years before I moved to Gunma University. Research topics I was engaged in at that time were optical flow detection methods, 3-D shape reconstruction techniques using optical flow, vision systems for autonomous land vehicles, algorithms to count the number of cars passing through from road image sequences, and fingerprint identification systems. In Gunma University, I continue to study topices related to optical flow, and also started new research themes in computer vision, including 3-D rotation estimation and robot positioning by vision. This page contains information about my research, such as technical reports and computer programs.
3-D shape reconstruction from an image sequence
Technical reports
Optical flow detection programs (but the explanation is written in Japanese)
Other program codes (Japanese version)
Other program codes (English version (but not equivalent to Japanese one))

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